Death Never Sleeps by E.J. Simon

Death Never Sleeps: A Novel - E.J. Simon

This is a really good book. It has all kinds of twist and turns. I enjoyed the fact that it has an element of  mystery in the book. It has murders in it. It also has some adventures. How can a dead person give answers and help out his own brother from the grave? Is Michael's brother Alex alive or dead? You get swept up with this question and so many more. Alex actually communicates with his brother.  Michael wants to help solve the mystery of his older brother's murder. 


Why does someone want Michael and his whole family dead? Why does this person want to have them all dead? Why did this person want Alex dead? Alex seems to be able to communicate with his brother and talk to him like he is alive? The plot is good. The places that Samantha and Michael visits start to get more enjoyable to read.  The adventures starts to happen once they go on trips. Is death like that where you can be anywhere and communicate with family friends only if you are in a virtual world that could be connected to a world before technology and a world after technology?