Thief of Glory

Thief of Glory - Sigmond Brouwer

This a story about a young boy. He thinks his family is good. When the Japanese come and take over by putting all the mother and children in a camp. Jeremiah is the one who need to watch over his siblings and mother. His older stepbrothers and his father are hauled away to work for the Japanese. This all starts shortly after his tenth birthday. It also when he see his love for the first time at a marble game. He also meets Charles (American).

Jeremiah see what goes on and want to help Dutch out at the camp. He has his adventures. Though things start to happen with his mother. He find out the truth of what his other was doing to each of his siblings. Jeremiah does something and his little brother. Things happen and Jeremiah and Laura start a friendship of hardships and many other things. To know what all went on in Jeremiah life you will need to pick this book up to read.