A Life of Joy: A Novel (Kauffman Amish Bakery Series)

A Life of Joy: A Novel (Kauffman Amish Bakery Series) - Amy Clipston Lindsay has been living with her aunt Rebecca and Uncle Daniel Kauffman. Lindsay Bradford comes to a crossroads in her live to join the church or return back to the English world where are older sister is college student. Lindsay needs to make a big decision. Lindsay hear about her family friend Trish has an accedent and decide to got live with her until she can get back on her feet. Lindsay also while visiting Trish and Frank, her sister Jessica pressures her to get her GED and make life of for herself. Jessica seem to want to run her little sister life. Lindsay does stay in contact with her friends in Bird in Hand with her Cousins and new friends. While Lindsay is struggling to see where she belongs. She also is having feeling for someone back in Bird in Hand. Rebecca starts to have compilations with her pregnancy and her niece doe not want to tell Lindsay for her to leave her homestead and worry about her. Katie does not know if she would tell Lindsay or not but decides to do this and hopes to be forgiven for doing it. I really would recommend this book, I would read the other 3 installment in order before reading this book.