Child of Promise (Brides of Culdee Creek, Book 4)

Child of Promise (Brides of Culdee Creek, Book 4) - Kathleen Morgan This is so heartbreaking that it hard to believe it the final book in the series. Beth has her heart set on the priest in Grand View Though she try to be not heartbroken by it. Beth goes to medical school. She hold a heartfelt past as well.

Noah is having struggles with his faith and calling once his wife dies and his daughter has disability from her birth. Noah grandmother help with letting Beth stay with them when she has some trouble with finding a place to stay.

Can things go the way they intend or do Noah and Beth find the love and the god they need and for Noah does he stay and learn that god is there for him and he is doing what god wanted him to do. Come read this series if you enjoy it. The first is emotional though the last.