The Castle Tower Lighthouse

The Castle Tower Lighthouse - Patrick H.T. Doyle The way I found this book was I had return a book and was looking some books to read. I was that bored. I was scanning my library Children section. I found this in the the there. I picked it up and read the back of the cover. I was interest the by reading the back of the cover that wanted to start reading it as soon as i got home. I did just that by checking it out. Now my thought on this books...

The story starts out by having Audrey and Garret complaint they are bored and they are living with their uncle and aunt. They thinks there Grandpa Edgar is old and boring to be with him all summer. Audrey and Garret do not know what is in story for them when they arrive at Retirement home Edgar Font is staying at.

Edgar Font take this two grandchildren for an adventures though out the book. Their first adventure is at a Castle. Edgar Font see is grandchildren as unadventurous. His answer is to this is to drive them in adventure and make them go though this summer plans.

Edgar Font introduce them to all kinds of ghosts, and outlines their journey, while Edgar is not dead yet. He wants to find a place to live out eternity. Though Audrey and Garret are skeptical in the beginning, They come around be the end of the book----all in the span of a day.

It's a fascinating read, much more fluid than "wandering around the house and picking up clues" might suggest. The character are fleshed out for all age ranges, we learn a little bit more about each character in future installments, as they learn more about themselves. We do not get told where the next adventure is, but there's a photograph marked, "Exploring the site for Adventure Two" in the back, and an arrow showing that it's "just over yonder".

This book can have you guessing along with Audrey and Garret and Edgar Font to solve the Mystery as well. Great for young readers ages 9 and up. I strongly recommend it.