Book Review: The Perfect Christmas

The Perfect Christmas - Bell Renshaw

Did you ever doubt your love and if you should give it up for someone else? If you say a person is slow or cautious with everything? It feels like you are good enough for you. Well, this book somewhat shows that struggle with the two main characters Beau and Ansley?

Beau Bradley has some struggles he seems to fight? But maybe it has to do with what happened with his father passing? Ansley has a problem of her own to deal with that she wants a perfect in everything or at least in things. Will she realize that all things are mean to go as perfect as she wants them? Will Beau realize that all things can be planed out?

The author does wonderful with the job with the story and making the world and characters so real. Is Love worth the risk? If you enjoyed the first book, this one is quite more of a good story of two slow-moving into love and take a risk for it all? The perfect Christmas is the second story of the story of Beau Bradley and his girlfriend. We catch up with Holt and Jessica a little bit.