Book Tour: Snowfall at Moonglow

Snowfall at Moonglow - Deborah Garner

This was done well. It seems everyone is waiting for a big snowstorm that is to be predicted. As some of the guests arrive for the holiday season. Mist just let them all settle in and get to know them at their own pace.

This seems to be a special activity that Mist seems to have pulled together for the guest at the hotel. That she gets some of the townsfolk to help out. What is this activity she has planned? Well, you will need to find out by reading.

The guests are Clara and Andrew, Michael, Max and Kinsley and Allison and the Professor. The story is heartfelt and sweet. It is a fun and enjoyable read. It loves it. Deborah Garner does a wonderful job of creating a special time for getting together.