Book Review: The Lost Pulse by JK Kelly

The Lost Pulse - J K Kelly

Well, we are back with this time travel of a book. This one was a bit more less entertaining. It was still worth reading and receiving. We get back to traveling back in time. Only now we are mostly in the modern time.


If you are into terrorism what would you do if you could go back in time and stop maybe without changing history? We see what happens when something happens that happens to kill a member of the special team? Was it his fault? This make a decision seems to affect a member that not in the military when her brother is killed?


What happens to Michelle Jackson once her brother is killed? When JJ and the president cant not go back and save him? There seems to be a regret that JJ has? What is it?


We seem to follow Michelle a bit more and also end up in Italy for a few missions. What missions they do go on. Will they help or hurt their BOTM options? Will their be something of nature that the members to need to learn.


What happens to the pulses and if they can get more or not. The author does it once again with this book. What happens to JJ and his wife Michelle? The President seems more involved. What will happen with him? I will want to know how this continues. There are twists an turns though out the book. This is really good for science fiction fans and along with time travel fans. Are you into history, well this book take you on journey back in time as well.