Book Review: Are We Still Friends? By Randall Goodgame

Are We Still Friends? - Randall Goodgame

Are you looking for a book that is good for young readers. I know that this book is decent. I got this book that is really good. The book has life lesson in it. This book will teach your children about friendships and learn about trust.

I thought this book was heartfelt. It sweet and loveable. It has a teachable moment in it. The pictures are done well. The story is sweet. What happens when a friend does not tell you the truth. What a way this book teach a value of life lessons and in a different way to incorporate the bible in a book.

This book is good for parents to get. It a book to put your child bookshelves or your own. It teaches a lesson about lying and friendships. Your child or children will learn about them both. What is best to forgive your friend? This I really did like about the story.