Book Review: Found In Time

Found In Time - J K Kelly

Found In Time is set in today world. You get follow a young man named Major JJ Jackson. He seem dedicated to his country. There are special secret mission he goes on,. Everything seem to be working out find and the team come back.


What would you do if you had this technology and you wanted to keep your country safe? You get to meet some historical figures, and talk to them. How would you feel if you got stuck in a time you were not use to and had to say their and adapt?


If our enemy had found out about this technology what do you think would have happened if it could change the past or our future as we know it. This book put us in the fight to save an American President that his being attacked on American soil? What will this special team of 6 men and woman be able to depend the nation and President?


The plot is done well once you get to the adventures plus the action. It really is a thriller and science fiction with a historical fiction twist to it. Their is some violence in the book and some bad words said. The team is put in spots. There seem to be a mole or two in here. Find out by reading and how it ends. What would you do if you could travel back in time?