Book Review: The Inn at Hidden Run

The Inn at Hidden Run (Tree of Life #1) - Olivia Newport

The Inn at Hidden Run is not your normal kind of historical fiction book. I really like that. This start out in the present with a young woman who shows up asking for a job. But she seem to be running from something. Why is what make you want to know.


Though we also get a story of a what is going on in Memphis in 1878. Though the eyes of a young woman named Elisa. She tells us about the epidemic of Yellow Jack or as we call it “Yellow Fever”. I do not know how this author does this but I loved it. I hope to get their other stories though out this series.


How the author combines the family tree elements or genealogy though this book to find the connection and the present members the family she runs into is really interesting and fun to read. The plot is written well. The characters are written well. To find out what the meaning behind Canfield and Eliza is something. For it does not get reveled until the end make it even more enjoyable to read.


I had felt really like I was going down a path of finding the connection with Jillian who was helping Meri and her family and why they were Medical doctors. We find that connection at the end. You will want to read this book if you are looking for something new and a historical fiction or event that happen in USA along with some fun in Genealogy.


Olivia pull to along and you will want to find out. She put these to element together seemly and I just love that. I have yet to see another author do this. I hope to get the next book in the series as I can not wait to read them.