Book Tour: The Root of Murder

The Root of Murder - Lauren Carr

The Roots of Murder is better then I expected. Though Lauren books are done well and gripping at every turn, there is not surprised that I loved it. It was amazing and so had me guessing. You would not believe who killer turns out to be.


The plot is entertaining as it is keeping you guessing until you make to end. Find out how Madison and Heather find out they are half sisters? But who killed their father and why? There seems to be another murder they did not seem to solve that come up with Lindsay's death.


We see the family jump in and help with the investigation of Cameron Gates case. We also see JJ Thornton join in as well. We are reading JJ and his love Poppy getting ready for their wedding as well. What ever is the case, this pulls in Joshua Thornton as it his friend from school. It deals with JJ and Murphy friends as well when they find the victim is John Davis. Which is by the way Heather's dad.


Elisabeth seems strange and clingy. Why is she being the why she is. If you want to find out happens and why? You will need to pick up the book to read. How Lauren Carr comes up with these plots and still has more is beyond me. These stories are so deep and emotional that they make you want even more. You can be pulled in as if you are member and be heartfelt.