Book Review: With Winter's First Frost by Kelly Irvin

With Winter's First Frost (Every Amish Season #4) - Kelly Irvin

The story is set on two families. Though it mostly on two senior citizens and this it really good. I have not read many stories about seniors in the Amish. This is one really well written story. They are in their 70's and it about romance with them. 

The author show both points of view for both senior citizens. Will they find love and second chances? Laura seems ready to join her last husband. But God seems to have other plans. Zachariah seems a little bitter and grouchy after his wife passes away. He is also dealing with a disease. What will happen when his family get involved in what he can and cannot do? 

The author jumps into different topics like Parkinson. There are others things as well. It the way she she shows you how some of the Amish deal with different diseases and mistakes of the young. There so much going on that you will be surprised at how it all comes together. 

There seems to be several different plots going on though out the book. The main plot is about Laura and Zachariah. There is also both families. What will happen and will Gods will be done.