Rest in Peace my baby boy - Pumpkin Passed away

Early this morning, our cat Pumpkin passed away. He was in a lot of pain yesterday. I prayed and asked the lord to take him and not let him suffer. He passed away around 3:30 am or 4:00 am. He was a lovable cat and gentle and happy. He a a really good life. He was given to me from a friend and I thank her for allowing me to take him and his brother. He was born some time in May of 2006 and pass away on August 5, 2018. He lived a 12 years and few months. He almost made it full year after surgery and living with 3 legs. I will say Rest in Peace my little boy. He was a trooper. He was my little baby boy and little man. I will miss you, Pumpkin and I love you. I know you are at peace and I thank god that he took you and not let you suffer after one day. Rest in Peace Pumpkin.