16 Festive Task - (Update 4) - Square 15: December 25th-26th: Newtonmas (25th) & St. Stephen's Day / Boxing Day (26th)

16 Festive Tasks



Here is my Task for Square 15. Tasks for St. Stephen’s Day / Boxing Day: Show us your boxes of books! –OR– If you have a cat, post a picture of your cat in a box. (your dog in a box works too, if your dog likes boxes) -- or any pet good-natured enough to pose in a box long enough for you to snap a picture.



 Here is my baby boy. His name is Pumpkin. Now please forgive me but I had to put him in the box as he had just come home from surgery and I had a box. He does like boxes and that. I know I may have cheated a bit. He did let me task a pic of them really quick before I got another one of him in the box before leaving it.


He did not want to be in for long and he just had surgery with is leg removed. This is him with him not wanting to be it for long and he did leave it shortly after I taken this and this was shortly what happens after I took the picture above. It fell over and he was laying on his side with his two paws in the box.