Blog Tour: Beyond Love

Beyond Love (Beyond Love: Book Two of The Beyond Series Trilogy) - Jerry D. Marx

In Beyond Love, Olivia and Finn are dating more. They appear a couple. Olivia had met Finn’s parents when she went to Finn’s parent anniversary party. Where they make the connection that the Christine, Finn had married was the one Olivia had heard about and was friends with Dan.


We open up with the fact that Olivia tells Finn about her one Night stand after feeling she meets Finn’s Best friend Mac. Mac still knew about it. He did not want to tell his wife Jane. So the left it alone. Olivia leaves and goes back to stay with her cousin Garrett.


Will Finn surprise her with is love for Olivia? Before this all happens, Finn is in a terrorist attack that on his flight back to Scotland to deal with his things back there. Olivia is frightened to death about Finn McDaniel's. Will Dan and Christine keep him safe?


There another plot going on that deals with Jane and her little brother who as ASL? Will they help Jane with fundraising? There another twist in this book as well with Finn and Olivia. To find out what all the surprises and twist are you will need to read the book.