Book Tour: Grimm Woods

Grimm Woods - D. Melhoff

Gimm Woods is a good book. It tells the story somewhat of the fairy tales. Counselors come to help with children that are coming for summer camp. There are few kids coming for some fun. You and may people and kids know what the fairy tales are like now.


In Grimm Woods, you will find out, what happens in some fairy tales. There are twist and turns and surprises throughout the book. I think it is a good book. What I like about it is it keeps you guessing who and why things are happening. There are crimes that happen throughout the book. Some counselors body shows up.

There is a dark ending to the children stories that you once thought you knew. I was surprised by this when two counselors put on a play for summer camp children. D. Melhoff does a good job on this book. I would though think that parents would take cautiously and only allow their children to read this book if they are 15 plus and older. I will let parents decide for themselves.