Book Tour: David Travels to the Past

David Travels to the Past - Saure Publisher, Gonzalo Martinez De Antonana, Maria Jose Mosquera Beceiro David travels to the past is a graphic novel. I would say that the book is better to understand other than the e-book format. It was hard to understand who was speaking and the words were not in the bubble when you are reading the book in the kindle or e book format. When I received the book in the mail. It was much better read in the print book that I got. I could understand who was talking and who was doing the speaking. I enjoy the story much that way. The author does a good job with images and storytelling. I would say that the book comes decent. The pictures are colorful and are done wonderfully. You can tell the story though the pictures. My favorite was the Cave painting story. I enjoyed see some life of Cavemen. It as just refreshing, As they were called prehistoric times.