Blog Tour: Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet

Bloodmoon - Aurora Whittet

We get to where we are in the final parts of Ashling Boru journey. It all starts once they arrive at the Rock. What does Verci want? Ashling can tell something is up and it just a waiting game. Ashling knows they need to save the humans?


Verci thinks he will win and bet Ashling and her pack? There are more surprises and twist as the story goes on. There is a war going on. Where is Vigdis at? Will Ashing be claimed or not? Does ashling need to choose who will claim her at Carrowmore?


Ashling needs to save her guardian Baran from a family of evil wolves named the Dvergars. What will happen the Grey? There are some many things that go one and her pack helps Ashling until she can be claimed under Bloodmoon.


There is also a challenge that Ashling needs to do to find the triple Goddess, The mother, and the Crone. But for them to get save more than one person from the Realms. Will Ashling and several of her pack do that without Verci or Vigdis notice? You will need to find out how it ends.