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Corporate Citizen - Gabriel Valjan

We get brought back to Boston. Boston got two murders that bring Binca and gang with her all but Dante. What could be up with the US Military and now another mafia member named Peterson?


We meet up with Nick Adams and some named Magician. Who is he? Loki help Binca and gang and what do they want with a drug that named Barney? We run into the mastermind LB. Who does kill LB? How is Farese involved? What will ever happen to Farese? You will need to read to find out.


Gabriel Valjan bring you once again though intense investigation. What will happen to the group and Binca? Why all the murders and what does Farese want. There a mystery of men that seem to disappear along with one or two people, Nick help Alex and Erica. What the mystery with the pill and PTSD?