Review: Turning To Stone by Gabriel Valjan

Turning to Stone (Roma Series Book 4) - Gabriel Valjan

Bianca Nerini is with her trusted friends. We meet up with the group and find out that they are all working together. This is a bit different in terms that there's not much action for them all. Bianca Nerini gets in contact with Loki, and it may be that there are two Loki’s?


We meet an Intern that join their team. He seems to know Charlie Brooks and then Matteo is known by this TB. Who is TB? How has Farese involved once again? He seems to show up once again. Gabriel Valjan does it again. Who is really the enemy, and who are those you can trust? In this installment it about the mafia. Who might be the spiders?

Can the Gdf team figure out what Farese and the mafia are doing? What is it that Farese wants in Naples? Who is this Madrina? We do know that Farrugia is undercover and his friend is as well this Claudio. What do these clans Marra, and Totaro want to do with the Euro and does the Silicons do with the US Bonds. Will the Gdf group be able to make the connections? Why has the Commissioner assassinated? We also have agents McGrittery and Murphy that helps the teams as well.