Bingo Challenge: Halloween Bingo Update #7 (BINGO)


Ghosts Stories and Haunted Houses: Michelangelo's Ghost by Gigi Pandian

Vampires Vs. Werewolves: The Murders at Astaire Castle by Lauren Carr

Locked Room Mystery: Roma Underground by Gabriel Valjan

Creepy Crawlies: Wasp's Nest by Gabriel Valjan

Supernatural: Bloodrealms by Aurora Whittet

Genre: Horror: Friends in Dark Corners by Jill H. O’Bones

Young Adult Horror:

Classic Horror:

Magical Realism: Far-Knowing by Melinda Brasher

Black Cat: Oliver and Jumpy Stories 16-18 by Werner Stejskal

Gothic: Hungry Moon: Quicksilver by Claudy Conn

Full Moon: Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet

Genre: Mystery: 

“Fall” Into a Good book:

Set in New England: Corporate Citizen by Gabriel Valjan

Grave or Graveyard:

Read w/ (Booklikes) Friends:


Read by Candlelight or Flashlight: Turning to Stone by Gabriel Valjan


A Dark and Stormy Night:

Scary Women (Author): Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet

Diverse Authors can be Spooky Fun:

Set on Halloween:

Free Space: Threading by Needle by Gabriel Valjan