Wasp Nest by Gabriel Valjan

Wasp's Nest - Gabriel Valjan

The Wasp Nest is a complicated scheme for what you learn from this. There is a professional assassin out the kill a few targets. We also meet some new friends along the way. Again who is Loki? What does Rendition want?


We are back in the United States with Bianca. Her friends show up in a few days laters. Things go from okay to creepy. This book really gave me the creeps and still was good. I enjoyed it none the less but think you can not be creepy out by how it goes.


I am still trying to figure out who Loki is and what exactly Rendition wants her to do. She seems to get the help she needs from this computer person who is named Loki. I will tell you there are lots of deaths. I believe we will see more in the coming books for they seem to all running though Roma Underground.

We find out more about Sergeant and Nasonia Pharmaceutical. I do not want to give away much here for it really bring to life and what this book is about. The author did have me confused, but I also enjoy the story along they way. How are Garnero and Farrugia past involved in this all of this? We meet a few new characters and find new friends. There seems to be a connection and something else also know as corruptions.

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