BOOK TOUR: Sovereignty by Anjenique Hughes

Sovereignty - Anjenique Hughes

Goro is the main person in this story. It sure is a good read. I have thought the plot was done well. I even could see the complex and detailed the characters are in the story.

It seems real like you could really get pulled in and feel you are a part of the story are in the story. Somehow the government starts hunting down, Goro. Goro is followed by someone in the resistance. Goro knows once a member of the resistance of Sovereign Reign.

We meet quite a few people in the resistance. The leader is Mickey. We also see that they recruit Goro and his two friends to their movement. Goro has some info about the top leader of SR.

Will Goro help the Government or the resistance? Who will come out on top or who know more about them and their plan?