Book Tour: Loreena's Gift by Colleen M. Story

Loreena's Gift - Colleen M. Story

This is a story about a girl with a special talent. She gets into quite a few bad things. She finds out what her brother gets into. If she can ever get him out? She loves her brother so much that she does something to save him.


She's then pulled into a sinner kind of a life. In the process, she may have found her love of her life. Tough to survive, she got to do something that is within her power and a secret.


Can she save her brother and herself or will she die as well? Her life in the afterlife is different than when she's out of the afterlife.


The author does get your attention and pulls you in. Have ever been wondering what it's like in your afterlife? You can see what it's like by reading this. Is it different for each living person? That is still not answered for it really could be.