Book Review + Contest: My Mother's Quilts by Ramona Richards #MyMothersQuilt #FlyBy

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My Mother's Quilts: Devotions from a Legacy of Needlework by Ramona Richards (2016-03-08) - Ramona Richards

My Mother's Quilt is a sweet and thoughtful book. It sure to tell you about each quilt and tells you the story behind each one. Not only that, the author puts it in where you learn her family history as you read it. Each quilt tells about each crafter and her life and it's only story. It passed down from generation to generation.

It's a Nonfiction story to me. You also learn about faith and family history and learn a lot about how hard it is to create a quilt. The author wanted to tell you about the family history, though quilts and how it helped with life and shaping each family member and their family through each quilt.

This book is best for quilters and fans that enjoy learning about quilts.