Book Review: Anchor in the Storm

Anchor in the Storm (Waves of Freedom) - Sarah Sundin

Anchor in the Storm is sweet and lovely read. I felt like I was in the story and I felt bad for Lillian and Arch. What will they endure together?


Sarah Sundin put you through the emotions with all her stories, but this one had me with my emotions after a chapter. Lillian finds out her brother is missing after an attack on his Navy ship "Atwood".


Are you a fan of Historical Fiction or do you enjoy reading about World War Two? This book has that feel to it. I enjoy learning about how we got into World War 2. 


Lillian wants to be a druggist and a female one at that. In an era that is still new to the world with female having jobs. We are at the beginning of World War Two. The story starts out December 7, 1942, or around that time.


Arch is on leave time from the Navy. He has to deal with his troubles. Will they find love together and find out they need to open up and trust god first.


Arch seems to annoy Lillian and Lillian needs to prove herself. When they get to Boston something is up with her new job. They're a lot of perceptions for sedatives. Could there be a drug ring? Arch is dealing with it though the Navy's end for he sees it going on with his men. Is there a romance in the air?