Book Tour: Murder on Safari by Peter Riva

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Murder on Safari - Peter Riva

Pero is sent to film some wildlife. When they get there and settle for the first night. They plan for a photo shoot in the morning. Things start to get interesting once a truck appears and Pero and Mbuno. They start to run.

A terrorist cell intercepts them. When they find  that Simon as landed and is already dead. They start to wonder who killed him. Why are they after Pero and his film crew?

I really like this book by Peter Riva has I feel I was part of the story and he captured my interest as to what will happen to Pero and his crew. I have become fond of Pero and Mbuno and Heep. He does a wonderful job and you just want to keep reading. His book is a page turner.

It got to twist and turns and surprises on the every page. You may think you know you found the person, but it gets weirder and stranger. The adventure gets more interesting and excited. Can they save Jimmy Threte and Mary and the thousand of Kenyans? Will they stop the terrorist attack?