WTFckery Alert for All Book Bloggers: Beware of a person going by Christine Caitlin

From Book Antics:


"A woman”named” Corinne Rosanna Catlin has been contacting bloggers and masquerading as a publicity assistant."


"This was all a ploy to make bloggers read her novel, Spectaccolo by Christine Catlin, which she claims that Penguin is now publishing in paperback."


"Penguin Random House is now getting involved in this and their Legal department will be handling this. There is confession to whether or not this individual actually works at the publishing company or not, different sources appear to be conflicting."


"She’s been emailing from an official Penguin Random House email since this post went up and demanding that this post is “confusing and harmful.” She’s also been asking for my phone number “to give me a call.” NOPE."


Spectaccolo on Goodreads:


Said she was a editorial intern at Red Fox Literary- FALSE: (