When Love Returns

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When Love Returns - Kim Vogel Sawyer

Kim Sawyer is one talented author. If you have not read one of her books you should. Her series "The Zimmerman Restoration" has a wonderful ending. You can check out my reviews to "When Mercy Rains" and "When Grace Sings". 

Well, "When Love Returns" starts out a little tension with Suzanne and Alexa. They are celebrating Christmas with all the family. Alexa wants to find her birth mother. When Alexa tells her mom Suzanne. Suzanne is a little unsure and startled by her daughter. Suzanne learns that she will be with Anna Grace for two months. It starts with the unsealing all reasons and the secret that only started it all. 

Throughout the book, Suzanne Turns to Paul to talk about Anna Grace and Alexa. What will happen with Suzanne and Paul? I believe it will come full circle. Paul starts wanting to talk to Suzanne and talk about his son Danny. Will the members of the fellowship allow Suzanne back in? To find out all these answers and Alexa answers to her questions, you will need to read "When Love Returns'?

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