Jesusita by Ronald L. Ruiz

Jesusita - Ronald L. Ruiz

Jesusita is collection of stories about immigrants. The author mainly talks about a woman named Jesusita. All the characters mentioned end up with this Jesusita. Padre comes to California to help with the Mexicans and to help with the ministry. It's really a good book. The main story is about a woman and her children. The other stories that Ronald adds in are almost side stories.

Angie learns only one thing while growing up. She only knows how to make money one way. Filipino laborers want this from her. She agrees to do this to survive and to make money. Filipino laborers are not allowed to have any contact with white woman. What ever will happen to Angie and the Filipino men. She does meet a man at the theater at a young age. She does not want to do what her mother did for a living.

Felix is abandoned by his mother and placed in a foster home on an isolated ranch away from his brother. He worries about his little brother. When he a turns eighteen, he will need to learn to survive and can come and go as he pleases. When does he decide to walk to where his brother is staying and come back at night? He does this weekly.

Jesusita has to deal with her children and when she leaves and can not work cleaning offices she gets work though the government as a foster parent. She gets two little girls and a little boy to live with her. She deals with a little girl that seems to make her do strange things.

There is some abuse and sex that goes on throughout the book. I advise parents to only allow their children 15 or older to read this. I will let you decide what you want your children to read.