Kill and Run by Lauren Carr

Kill and Run (A Thorny Rose Mystery Book 1) - Lauren Carr

Laura Carr has really done it again to me. The story had me going from the start of who guessed the murderer. Her written catches you and grabs your attention and keeping entertained and wondering. Murphy some how get on to this murder case by being sent down from NCIS.


How Murphy's stepmother Cameron and his wife Jessica get in the middle of it is beyond it. They start to go from one crime scene to another. Murphy is called in and I wonder what's going to happen to them it is all up in the air. Surprises and twists waiting at every turn of the pages.


You get pulled in and can not be pulled back out. We meet a young girl that is left behind that is connected to five murders in Washington, D.C. Where a murder that happens thirteen years before and what happen to that person come to light. Who is behind it all? Military seems to be hiding something that they seem not to want to come out. You will never be able to figure it out until it all revealed at the end.