The Heart's Promise by Colleen Coble + Giveaway

A Heart's Promise - Colleen Coble

We learn a bit more about Amelia and Sarah and Emmie. Colleen Coble does it again with another book. Emmie asks Amila to promise to marry her husband Jakob and raise the baby as her own. They meet a woman and worry about Amelia health.

Emmie is still dealing with her past. Emmie has a secret that he doe not want exposed around the fort. Will she tell Issac about her past? Issac seem to only have eyes for Emmie. Morning Song arrives to the fort and is taken to Rand and Sarah place.

Morning Song is with her son. Rand and Sarah suggest that Morning Song and her son to stay with them. Emmie finds family and learns that she has a nephew. Ben seem to be on the run. What will happen with Sarah, Emmie, Amelia, Jakob, Rand, and Morning Song.