Nature’s Confession by JL Morin

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Nature's Confession - J.L. Morin

Are you a fan of Nature. Here a story about a boy and girl that need to fight to save Earth. It sure is about our world and saving the universe as for humanity.

Ever wonder how the earth became the way it is. You learn about science along the way though story of two young teens. Are we destroy our own world and need to move to save it? Can we coexist in nature?

We may be living a universe and that is that we may need to stop corporation for pollution and save our world. We may already have the technology for the wind and solar power.

Are we letting corporations run and ruin our world? This story seems to put it that way and seem to be letting them. Why not take stand get them to work on putting solar and wind power and saving our Earth. The growth of pollution and money is not worth saving our own lives. I wish that we did something about it rather than stand by let it happen. I believe we are causing climate change or at least our government.