Fast Freddy by Lee Ann Mancini

Fast Freddy - Lee Ann Mancini

The story behind this book is about being special in your own way. It also focuses on making new friends and learning to help with fitting in. The audience is for children and parents that have small children. There is a meaning behind the plot that teach children that it okay to be different.

Your children will learn that being different is not all bad. Your children will learn how special they are. This is a great book to have it as a conversation starter. This also a good book for beginner readers. Children can learn that about being unique can be a blessing. The art and font were helpful. It was also inspiring a bit.

I thought the pictures were well done. I could see the what the book was about with pictures. The words are big enough for children that are just started to read. Images were colorful. Fast Freddy is an easy read. I recommend this book for young readers. Parents can read this book as well to their children. I also like the way the author has put it together where you will learn about friendships as well. It is a fun and sweet book to read.