A Heart's Danger by Colleen Coble

A Heart's Danger - Colleen Coble

Things get even more strange as the story continues. Ben and Jessica both want Sarah away from Rand for their own reason. Ben has a little bit of a different plan for his himself. There seems to be something going on and Sarah hear a part of the plan that Ben is talking with Jessica. She could not figure out what they are talking about.

Ben wants to get back at Sarah for what she did to save a friend. He got a plan to get rid of Rand for good. Jessica finds Sarah and invites her and Amelia with her and her mother to a picnic. Sarah feels like something is up with Jessica but needs to get out of camp for a bit.

There a stage while Rand is out for a few days to get wood for the fort. What do the Indians want with him? Rands see an Indian that looks like his younger brother and he does not shoot. What do they want with Sarah when they got her. Will they save Sarah and Rand or what will they do with them?

A Heart's Danger is quite an adventure and Colleen put it together quite well. Will Rand and Sarah see that their love is still strong? Will Rand goes on with his wedding with Jessica? Will Ben and Jessica's plan work?

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