A Heart's Obsession by Colleen Coble + Kindle Giveaway

A Heart's Obsession (A Journey of the Heart) - Colleen Coble

The story continues with Sarah. She get free from her family. We meet up with a few new characters. So Sarah and Joel decide to leave and go towards Fort Laramie. Wally has other plans. Will he seceded in what he wants for Sarah or will Rachel help her. Rachel is expecting her child soon. Will this make Wally more understanding or not.

Sarah and Joel ride out with Jacob and his wife. Once she arrives in Fort Laramie, sees Rand and she meets Jessica and her mother. She finds out that Rand and Jessica are to marry. In the meantime, Ben is out to get Sarah back in his arms.

We meet two new Indian girls and children. This put Sarah to help teach the children more English. What happens next is  surprising. Rand is asked to see this new fur trader. When he finds out who it is. He needs to go ask Sarah if she knew that Ben was back.

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