Where Mercy Rains by Kim Vogel Sawyer

When Mercy Rains: A Novel (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy) - Kim Vogel Sawyer

What finish to his book. It quite a story. It a little heartfelt story. It a story about a mother and daughter. Suzanne is force to do something for years. Suzanne has secrets of her own. She was asked to come back home to care for her mother. What happen between her and her daughter.

Paul see Suzanne again. He meets Alexa and starts to feel his guilt. Will there be a forgiveness for them all? Suzanne has one thing to tell Paul about a secret that happens 20 years earlier. While things are a bit strange when she first arrives. She does not know if her mother wants her there or her siblings.

There are some things going on between Abigail and her children. She also meets her granddaughter she never knew about. There are twist and turns. Will there be healing for them all? Is there really what could heal the hurts. Will Paul and Suzanne talk about what happen between and why she left the community.