The Camelot Kids by Ben Zackheim

The Camelot Kids (Volume 1) - Ben Zackheim, Ian Greenlee, Nathan Fox
The Camelot kids is packed with adventures and action. It great for all ages of kids. Simon finds out his parents died. Simon want to find a place to belong. He starts to have dreams. A place named Camelot. Is there really a place called New Camelot?
Someone is trying to find him and wants him dead. Who could want him dead? He meets up with several different kids and is thrown from one action to another. He seem to be trying survive. Who could be King Arthur, Lancelot, many others? There seems to be more questions then answers.
What all will Simon be dealt with and understand. He makes friends and loss some as well. Their seems to be a mystery around the corner of each paged turned. I had a little bit of a hard time getting into it at the beginning of the book. Once the action started and the adventures. I was able to read it and understand it. It then seem like King Arthur and Round Table.
Pictures are done well. I really enjoyed looking at pictures. Images or pictures are colorful. I was looking and staring at the pictures for a short period of time. Children would love it. This is good for children ages 12 and up.