Visiting the Sins by Melanie Denman + Giveaway

Visiting The Sins - Melanie Denman

This book is best on different then any other. Though there seems to be a secret that no one seem to know about Rebanelle and her husband and father to Curtis Jean. 


There seems to be a story about mothers and daughters. You see them struggle and what they decide to do what best for their loves ones. It seem to be a story about Curtis Jean mostly.


Curtis Jean does she accept and change the life with her husband and her two daughters. Does she fall backwards? What the legacy of this family and what could destroy everything in it path. There seems to be death around the corner. That it mean to them do they pray to god in one way or not.


I advise that you watch with your children who reads this book. For there is some things that are said that is only meant for adults. I say though of ages of 13 plus would be a good idea to read this book. It seem to be about men and drinking and all that kind of things.