How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck

How to Catch a Prince - Rachel Hauck

Corina live is devastated from a life she use to know. It all ended the day her twin brother Carlos died. See can not make sense to why her love left and wanted to their marriage to end. Her parents are lost and griving their son's death. Her friend Gigi ask her to come work for her and live in Florida.

Prince Stephen is dealing with injury and trying to seem to forget and live a life he feel he could not have. When once day his brother King Nathaniel discovers Stephen secret before the war. Stephen want to leave it be. Though he find out something that he thought was over.

Things start get interesting and there are twists and turns with each turn of a page. There mystery though out the book. There a place that seem to be a mystery to everyone and only two people can see it. But how is that and no one can see it. Corina and Stephen are quite two that can see this hotel, that Corina is stay while in Cathedral City. What a story of a journey that will be leaving you in what can happen and be found again.