Prophecy Revealed by Ron Hartman

Prophecy Revealed - Ron Hartman

Daniel has work up and we find out where he is. He looking for safety for a while. He rests up he meet some of the Tene’breon. He needs to fine some allies so he can help defect the Emperor. He want to save his home town. Will he be able to do so.

What is the cost that Daniel will do to save his hometown. There a secret that will be reveal at the end of the book. A man that became governor has been doing some horrifying and his tied to Daniel. We learn more about his allies Tene’breon and some more about Daniel.

Daniel had crossed the Burning sea. What going on with resistance. There are twist and turns and more surprises then at ever page is turned. I would advise that your child or children be a bit mature for there are lots of deaths and killing. I would advise that is be for 13+ for those that are reading this book. Parents I would be sure it something want them reading. There is no swearing or minimal swearing in the book. It just has lots of deaths.