Fate Reborn by Christina Ow

Fate Reborn - Christina OW

Fate Reborn is an okay book. Though the story is was good. Though lines were broken up and need to be fixed. The words were mixed up and had hard time reading the story. Ashat and his family were killed by an evil werewolf. He and a few other werewolf go on an mission to get this evil werewolf.

Ashat and Billy and Joe, have tried to help a family out by protecting them. They wanted them to leave and stay away. Though the family comes back and the father see what they are and seen this family die. Marlee is told to run. Things starts to make sense one you start reading about main story. Throughout the book you get mixed up words in with each page. That need to be updated.

Other then that the story is good. I enjoyed it. There are twist and turns. The some things going on with all three werewolf's. What will happen with Ashat and Marlee? What will happen to Dave? There are still lots questions to answer.

Source: http://nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2015/01/lights-out-by-melissa-groeling-review.html