Rebels by Jill Williamson

Rebels - Jill Williamson

 This book is constitution from the two other books called "Captives" and "Outcasts". I would love to read the two books before. This book deals with lowlands and Midlands areas along with Kinderds. This deals with mostly the rebels in hiding and though of  send to liberation. You goes though the adventures and to find the truth about Liberation and what the government was doing.


Can the rebels get the truth out about Liberation and what it means. What happening to Safe land folks? Levi find out that Jenna is having his baby? Omar and Mason work together to get the rebels to help with getting the truth out. Is the Owl know all and sees all. Omar has thing to deal with and will he come over it. What about Mason will he tell where his brothers are staying or will they do need to do a trade to get his brother? There are so many twist and turns that is will having wanting more and to want to turn the page to find out.