An Amish Second Christmas

An Amish Second Christmas - Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Ruth Reid, Tricia Goyer

In When Christmas Comes Again, Kathleen and her four children are having their first Christmas without a love one. Kathleen starts to see an English man around the town. She receives a package at the door. There some photos in the box. There more to this story and quite a few twist and turns. There seems to be a mystery about this man. The man seem to know what or how some of the feeling of the family. Do they need help or will Kathleen mislead the what going on with her children?

In Her Christmas Pen Pal, Joy has to deal with her boyfriend who want to see other women. She starts to write a letter to her cousin. Though it happens it sent to the wrong person. The mystery man writes back to Joy. The Cabinet maker and Joy send letter back and forth with each other. There are twist and turns in this story and has a good mystery in the story as well. Do Noah and Joy get together? This grandmother starts talking to Joy about her grandson. Will Joy find out that the woman was talking about?
In A Gift for Anne Marie, Anne Marie wondering about the changes that are coming. She finds out about her mothers letters. When she does she finds out that her mother is getting re-married and they are moving. Anne Marie does not like it at all. She start to feel the changes between her and Nathaniel. Nathaniel does not like the fact that Annie Marie may be moving. Is there anything either can do about it?
In The Christmas Aprons, Easter Glick is a nanny for her cousin until her cousin can deal with her baby. While here Easter receives her mother recipe that every popular. She learns what she want to to be accepted for herself and not though the pies she bakes. Will she learn about Love?