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Review: Storm Front

Storm Front - Susan May Warren

Storm Front is really good. It about a woman that blogs about storms. She in one herself but it has to do with beating her own storm. There mission for the Peak Team to help recuse some students and leading member of the peak team named Chet. 

Will they find them. We meet Ty and the crew. It not always the storms that destroyed and leave us less destruction but we go through that with faith at as well. We learn alot about god and his grace throughout this book.

Brette thinks she can do everything herself. She get angry the one and feels like she can not depend on the one person she truly. That one person is god and having faith. She is scared but are we not all scared. We can not have it all without faith or him.

Ty also learns as well. He can not fix everything. He can be there but he need to let Brette come to him. Ty also learns lesson as well

Susan does a wonderful job of showing grace though the book and telling of this story. She had me in tears and hoping for Brette and Ty. Will they make it? Will they survive? Will the students be found?

We see what twisters can do? We also learn about twisters a bit in the story. Will they survive or will they not?


Review: The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels Vol. 1: The Angry Alligator

The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels Vol. 1: The Angry Alligator - Tony  Penn, Brian Martin

Are you a kid that thinks everything can go wrong does. The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels maybe a good book for you. It a story with morals and life lessons. The first book is about The Angry Alligator. Ever hear the saying The Gator gonna get you or eat you. 

The child in the book say say this to Michael and it gives him the idea of it really happening. The lessons in the book is about not lying about something you did. You know once you tell one lie it get harder to tell the truth as you go to cover up one lie after another.

Well Michael lies and lies and it get all tangled up. You are in a big mess when you should have just told the truth in the first place and you would not be needing to cover up more lies. I also like the saying The truth will set you free.


Review: Starting from Scratch

Starting from Scratch (Lancaster Discoveries) - Kate Lloyd

Eva Lapp is a young girl or woman. She takes a job that her cousin Olivia recommends. Her brother and his family show up at her parents home two days early. Her sister-in-law decides to send her on her way. 


When she gets to Yodel’s Nursery she is in surprise for she thinks she goes to be working with plants. There a surprise when she finds out she is to manage the small cafe. 


She seems to be getting suitor left and right, though she does not feel them. She thinks they are either too young or she does not know for sure. 


Jake returns and Eva has a feeling for him. Are they true or is she just think she got feelings. Things get a little bumpy when someone breaks into the cafe or at least looks that way. Stephen seems to have a feeling for Eva but does Eva have a feeling for Stephen? 


There is an adventure at every turn once you start reading. Some folks keep blaming Jake for the burned down fire? Did Jake do it? Eva also is having trouble with whether to stay Amish or to go English? Kate Lloyd writes a completing story and shows how Eva Lapp is snuggling with her problems. Can she overcome them? Will Jake and Eva turn towards God for help?


Review: The Weaver's Daughter

The Weaver's Daughter - Sarah E. Ladd

The Weaver’s Daughter is about loyalties and traditions. What will happen when a daughter keeps her loyalties with her father and want to be loyal to her brother as well. Well, things get a bit dicey when Henry Stockton returns.

Kate struggles with wanting to keep her loyalties to her past or they at least bind her to the past. Her father is a weaver and Kate try and prove to her father and the others that she wants to help with wool. Her brother Charles has chosen to work at Stockton Mill.

We are shown what it like for the time period and the history during Weavers vs Mill owners are tested. Weavers are trying to save their job and livelihoods and mill owners are trying to provide and work with the progress of the coming future.

Henry seems drawn to Miss Dearborne. Will Miss Dearborne come around or will she fight for what in the past. She is seemed like torn between loyalties to her father and brother. She will have to make a choice. 

There are tensions with Miss Dearborne father and Henry Stockton? Old man Stockton has tensions with Weavers or at least with the Dearbornes. When someone kills Henry grandfather, who did it and why.

Mr. Dearbone seem to think that Old man Stockton's grandson will be the same as his grandfather? Mr. Dearborne tells his daughter to stay away from Stockton Mill and the Stocktons. Kate seems to keep entering Stockton property and is found out. Find out why and you will need to read it and find out the ending.


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Book Review: Who the Bishop Knows

Who the Bishop Knows - Vanetta Chapman

Were you wondering if Henry seen another murder? Well what if Henry did not and though the person does not know that. The murderer seem to think he knows more about Jermiamiah murder?

What of his talents, he does not see him or know that he there. Henry does embrace his talent. Will is solved the crime or not? Emma knows Henry did not see what happen and so does the police though they did ask him if his special talent would help.

Do they know that the murderer is living among them? Does Naomi know more than any of the youngsters. The young adults appear brought into this murder. Is it personal or not?

Two girls get kidnapped but why and for what reason? How is Henry and Emma involved? I seem that there a secret going on and that get reveal as well

Vannetta does a wonderful job of doing it and closing out the series. What up with having a bishop that knows and seem to find all the clues. See if he can help the English police to solve the crime.


The Study of Silence

The Study of Silence: A Lady Evelyn Mystery (The Lady Evelyn Mysteries Book 3) - Malia Zaidi

The Study of Silence is baffles me as to what the true plot is. Though, it is good read. I know there a murder in the book. Why, the person is murdered, you will not by no mean until the end of the book.

I know the story is somewhat told in a third person i believe anyway. I was wondering if was more about human nature or if the story was more set to be about Evelyn. Why someone is after her when she not does much to find out. Evelyn seems to get sucked into the murder and danger accidentally.

I do enjoy the fact that we learn about women's rights a bit during England era though this book. The story is set in the era of 1926 England. We experience or learn about Oxford and that time period and customs. That part of the story give the author a swell of job.

She touches a bit of things that might go one during this time that we do not like in our modern day time. The cause of this murder and the unlikely will be surprise of the reason for it. Was the professor living a double life or a secret life. Who is the murderer? To find out you will have to read the book.


The Celebration by Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Celebration - Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Celebration is enjoyable. I like that you get to meet all the families and it rotational. It not with only one family and I like that. I like how Wanda does that with this book and series.


I like Hedi Toyer and how we see how she has struggled. We alway see how she reaches out to other children and their parents along the way as she is trying to help her foster children adjust and get to know other children.


We meet the Velma and her family. We also see the other families and meet them. Will they all heal over this Amish food and cooking class. Then gain they may form friendships they did not know will happen.


The one thing I noticed that I wish was different was that it gave us more of the children point of view more. It was a cooking class for children. I was hoping that would let see the children point of view along with the parents point of view.


The plot is done well. Wanda Brunstetter as done herself well with this book. I know this is the third book in the series. I want to read the other two hopefully soon. I would recommend any of Wanda’s books to read. This is good. This one is unique to me and have yet to see and Amish author do it the way she as.


Kill the Darling: Green Team Guess Round 4

I have choose "The Celebration" by Wanda E. Brunstetter. For my next book to read and you will see what card I am using with it.



I am choosing Suspect: Walter Mosely - Read a Book Written by an author whose First or Last name begins with W or M.


My book is written by author: Wanda E. Brunstetter

Killing Your Darling: Green Team Guess

I have read ICE by Lauren Carr. I will have the review either later tonight or tomorrow maybe as it is a book tour book, It is a bit before it on my blog though I can write beforehand. For this game, I choose this book because it fits several of the cards.




I have chosen Agatha Cristie as my suspect for this book ICE. I cover Read a book that in the Mystery Genre and The author first or Last name Begins with the Letters A or C. You will find that this is genre Crime fiction, and Mystery and the author's name is Lauren Carr

Lone Wolf Lawman

Lone Wolf Lawman (Appaloosa Pass Ranch) - Delores Fossen

Looking for an action-packed book. Well, Lone Wolf Lawman is packed to the brim with action. You get quite a few things in this book. There a romance as well. We meet Angie and Wes.

When Addie is pulled inside her barn by someone. She starts fighting him as she thinks she is attacked or dragged. But when we find out it Weston. He has come back and he when to warn Angie that the Moonlight Strangler may be after her and want her as his next victim.

Who is Moonlight Strangler? Who wants Addie dead. There is the twist and turns throughout this page-turner. Once you get started you are pulled in.

Who is after her and Weston? Delores Fossen plot is great, She tells the story like no other romance to a point that it has action throughout the story plot. There a surprise that Addie tells Weston?

This brings in the sheriff and Addie family and you will find that there are more surprises and twisted along the way. You will not be disappointed and you will be surprised at how it ends.


Last Stop in Brooklyn

Last Stop in Brooklyn: A Mary Handley Mystery - Lawrence Levy

Mary is a case when she feels like someone is following her. But she cannot tell who at the moment. Once she sees her friend's husband talking to Colleen. She thinks the worse of her best friend's husband. 

On her way out, she confronts a man see that is following her. When she does, he wants her to look into his brother case that is that Ben Ali is not a killer. 

There seems to be some corruption going on in the NYPD in the year of 1894. Who does all the cover-up? Who the Killer of more than a dozen woman. 

Looks like Mary get pulled into an investigation that has to do with Sage Bombing and as she gets more into the case of Ben Ali she finds more clues and finding the killer. Who is Jack the Ripper, the killer? 

You will be turning the page to find out. Have you read the book you learn about that time period in NY? We even meet Teddy Roosevelt before he becomes President of United States and the reason why or at least partly. 

If you are a historical Fiction fan you will enjoy this book. It a Mystery and part historical so you will get both if you are a fan of both or one or the other.


The Voice Behind the Small Attic Door

The Voice Behind the Small Attic Door - Mary Lynn Plaisance

This story takes place shortly after a woman wants to be a bride and have her dream wedding. There a mystery that unfolds as soon as the bride and groom are to leave the church. Why and how does Mike Harwing die and why?

There seems to be a someone that knows and Susan also knows but why? The parent of Susan want to help their daughter but do not know how.

We are pulled in and wondering what happen. Why is Susan acting the way she is. Susan hears a Voice named Piddle Paddle Waddle. No one can hear this person other than Susan. She comes into Susan room. Though her parents cannot see or hear this voice from the small Attic Door.

You will be surprised and the twist and turns this book takes you on. Does Susan have a personality disorder or not? Her parents do find some really strange emails but do not know what to do about them. They seem to find out how evil their daughter is but they love her a lot to want to get her help.

Mary Lynn Plaisance doe bring the story line together and leave you wondering what Piddle Paddle Waddle will do? Will Susan learn her lesson or will she not? You will see find out by reading the book.


Monthly Wrap up: February


February came and went as well. Where do these month go. I know February is a short month out of all the years it just that it would move a bit slow but not by much as January. This past month was a cold one to say the least. We had Ice and cold weather with some sun days. It was a month of Wet and strange weather from mother nature. I would like to say Spring is on it way now but who i am kidding.


I seem to have brought my reading up since January. I seem of gotten 7 books read this past month. Which is 3 books above last month. Here the list.


Books Read in February:


  1. Hidden by Vannetta Chapman
  2. Patrick Turns His Play into Pay by Shani Muhammad, Patrick Muhammad
  3. Megan's Munchkins by Pamela Foland
  4. Last Stop In Brooklyn by Lawrence Levy
  5. What the Bishop Saw by Vannetta Chapman
  6. I Love a Book by Joe Rhatigan
  7. The Voice Behind the Small Attic Door by Mary Lynn Plaisance
So for the month of February, I have read a total of 1,359 Pages. You can see what my total for the month by book below:
Total Pages by Book for February:
  1. Hidden - 396 Pages
  2. Patrick Turns His Play into Pay - 40 Pages
  3. Megan's Munchkins - 79 Pages
  4. Last Stop In Brooklyn - 320 Pages
  5. What The Bishop Saw - 352 Pages
  6. I Love A Book - 28 Pages
  7. The Voice Behind the Small Attic Door - 144 Pages
So Far as of 2018 the Total Pages Read are 2,494 Pages. Not including that last book Lone Wolf Lawman. That book pages will be added in March Wrap Up. Below is the Total amount of Pages Per Month.
Total Pages Per Month:
  1. January - 1,135 Total Pages
  2. February - 1,359 Total Pages
So Far as of 2018 the Total Books Read are 11 Books. Not including that last book Lone Wolf Lawman. That book will be added in March Wrap Up. Below is the Total amount of Books Per Month.
Total Books Per Month:
  1. January - 4 Books
  2. February - 7 Books
What was written and posted in January. Some of the books were read in 2017 and that is way you are see them posted in February of 2018 as for I choose those dates for the tours. You will that I have Reviews that will be posted this year that go to book that were read before 2018. Though I am trying to keep up with current reviews with book read this year there are some from back log. I just did not get to write the review. They will be marked.


Want to see all the wraps so far. Take a look Below at the list.
2018 Monthly Wrap Up:

KYD: Green Team

I got one correct. By Getting one of the Crime Scenes..

Check it out. Green Team let work together if we can.


Monthly Wrap up: January

Where did that first month go? I know we had some really cold days. I got sick for 3 weeks of the month. That what happened to me for January. I was layed up with coughing and just reading though not much reading from what I got done this month.


I only got 4 books read in January.


  1. One Christmas in Winter by Bell Renshaw
  2. Searching for Gertrude by Kevin D. Haggerty
  3. Too Rich for a Bride by Mona Hodgson 
  4. The Englisher by Beverly Lewis


So the total of pages read as of January is 1,135 Pages. Total pages by book, Look below


Total Pages by book in January:

  1. One Christmas in Winter -163 Pages
  2. Searching for Gertrude - 306 Pages
  3. Too Rich for a Bride - 320 Pages
  4. The Englisher - 346 Pages




What was written and posted in January? Some of the books were read in 2017 and that is a way you see them posted in January of 2018 as for I choose those dates for the tours. You will that I have Reviews that will be posted this year that go to book that was read before 2018. Though I am trying to keep up with current reviews with the book read this year there are some from backlog. I just did not get to write the review. They will be marked.


What was your January?


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