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Quiz: Who's Your Literary Pet?

You Got: The Velveteen Rabbit from “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams

You are a tender-loving person who loves hugs and cuddles and helping people fell special and taken care of. The Velveteen Rabbit needs you just as much as you need him! We know he’s a stuffed bunny, but he wants to be a real rabbit plus his emotions are so real. He would be a perfect cuddly pet for you. You want a pet who wants to be there for your every move, from picnics on rolling hills to hikes in beautiful forests. No pet would ever be as loyal as the Velveteen Rabbit, and you would be just as loyal back.

Book Tour: Red-Tailed Hawk by Nancy Schoellkopf

Red-Tailed Hawk - Nancy Schoellkopf

Nancy does it once more with the book called “Red-Tailed Hawk”. This book is about Mariah and her journey. What will Mariah learn along the way? Samatha also needs to learn something as well and so does her stepson.


The plot about this book is something different and amazing. There a love storyline. What a journey this book get the family on after a death in the family happens. Who has taken the special thimble that Mariah see as something special.

What do we learn about hawks. What will Mariah learn about herself. Samantha learns about something about herself. Will it bring healing to them all. We go along with Mariah when she goes on her journey. The plot is written well. I enjoyed every page of it. It got some surprises in it. I love the fact its got different meaning. Will Mariah find her twin or what happen? Will she find what is missing from her heart or her missing connection?


Yellow-Billed Magpie by Nancy Schoellkopf

Yellow-Billed Magpie - Nancy Schoellkopf

I enjoyed this book about Yellow-Billed Magpies. Nancy does a wonderful job writing the plot and the story. I enjoyed every part of it. I loved that there was an autism and other disabilities as part of the story as well.


You get a bit of a spiritual in the story as well. We learn about Magpies somewhat in the book. We also go on a quest with Samantha O’Malley. We meet Craig and her old lover. She goes back to her teaching career.

What discoveries will Samantha and Craig find by working together and with her students? Nancy writing is done well. I have not been into a book that felt so real. I feel the book show us what it like somewhat of our world. Is our world what we think or is it an illusion? I start to wonder this and if we are just experiencing it as humans.


Book Review: A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauch

A Royal Christmas Wedding (Royal Wedding Series) - Rachel Hauck

Book Title: A Royal Christmas Wedding
Author: Rachel Hauch
Genres: Christmas, Romance,
Series: Royal Wedding
Publisher: Zondervan
Publish Date: 2016-10-18 (240 Pages, Paperback)


Avery Truitt is someone who was going to college to be a professional volleyball player. 5 years before she meet Prince Colin when she was with her sister Susanna went to Cathedral City. What ever happen to Avery and Colin?


Susanna has invited both her sister and mother to Brington Kingdom for the Christmas season. Will their mother get over their father’s death? There appear someone brings Avery and Colin together at every turn. Will Colin father help or harm Colin? The old bell rings and who has pulled it and rung it?


People do not believe that god had pulled the 600 pound bell that started ringing and bring all people to the where the accident of Prince Michael died. I love that fact that there is a meaning and some true relationship trouble and Hauck shows that in each story in The Royal Wedding Series? She let the characters work it out their own problems. She does not rush them. Rachel Hauck does well with the plot and her writing is wonderful as well.


Book Tour: A Fine Year for Murder by Lauren Carr

A Fine Year for Murder - Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr has brought you another thriller of a story. A Fine Year for Murder is a dozy of a mystery and gut wrenching. No has any ideas that Jessica as seen a family be murdered. When Dallas Walker start talking about a case that see is investing the case called Pine Creek Massacre.

I loved the story and the way it was laid out. Jessica is dealing with nightmares, and things get more intense when something happens to young girls. What is triggering her nightmares? It a book you can not put down once you start to read it. All of Lauren Carr books are like that. She makes you want more and leaves to read her next book.


The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek

The Hidden Treasure of Dutch Buffalo Creek - Jackson Badgenoone

The Hidden Treasure of Buffalo Creek is a wonderful book to read. If you are a historical fiction or historical fan this book may be for you. You learn about history or some events as you go though the adventures with James. It a sweet it tells you about family history and about some of the history of the eras you may have not lived it or want to learn about.

It goes though some of the lives of a few people and how they got here. You learn to grow and follow faith along the way. James is the main one. You go along for an adventures. You may learn about some things that have been going on in the Germany or the USA.



I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug! - Caroline B. Cooney, Tim Warnes

I am going to give you a bear hug, is a sweet adorable book. It has some rhymes in the book. It has animals and their cubs. This is good bedtime book for young readers. Young Readers could learn to read of this book as well.


It is done well. The pictures are well drawn. The pictures can tell the story themselves. It about giving a big hug and getting ready for bed.

Book Tour: Grimm Woods

Grimm Woods - D. Melhoff

Gimm Woods is a good book. It tells the story somewhat of the fairy tales. Counselors come to help with children that are coming for summer camp. There are few kids coming for some fun. You and may people and kids know what the fairy tales are like now.


In Grimm Woods, you will find out, what happens in some fairy tales. There are twist and turns and surprises throughout the book. I think it is a good book. What I like about it is it keeps you guessing who and why things are happening. There are crimes that happen throughout the book. Some counselors body shows up.

There is a dark ending to the children stories that you once thought you knew. I was surprised by this when two counselors put on a play for summer camp children. D. Melhoff does a good job on this book. I would though think that parents would take cautiously and only allow their children to read this book if they are 15 plus and older. I will let parents decide for themselves.


Book Tour: Westobou Gold by Hawk MacKinney

Westobou Gold (Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series Book 2) - Hawk MacKinney

Are you looking for an adventurous, thriller fun mystery book? Well, Westobou Gold has just about all of it and more. I was brought into the book though an Indian tribe leader. There more to this story and to all the murders. What are Pervis and his crew up to other than underage porn?


The story is about a man named Craige and his love. Will Craige solve the mysteries of the murders that he is brought in though a former member named Bailey? What could Bailey want or his bosses?


We see what Pervis and his crew and Mort Raymond deal with. Pervis is part of the action mostly. If you want to know who comes out a winner, then you need to read the book. I do suggest that children do not read this book without their parent's consent. There are murders involved and some sex tape scenes. I would say this is a book for children ages 15 and up. This is my opinion.

There is crime throughout the book. What can an Indian Queen be an at of with all this and the murders? Hawk MacKinney gives you an exciting and thriller book. You will want to follow Craige and see if he makes it out or who the top dog. Pervis seem to want Craige Instagram out of the picture. What could they be trying to hide?


Mary's Prayer: Amish in the West

Mary's Prayer: Amish in the West, Book 2 - Faye P. Baker, Faye P. Baker, Cindy Hardin Killavey

Mary Prayer is a sweet story about one daughter. It a story about trusting god and overcoming fear. They all learn to need to follow god’s path and he has his only plan for everyone.


Eli Glick, starts to find a kitten in the back of the bakery. Mary need to learn to let change happen but to do that you need to let go of your past and see what god plan is. Mary and Eli are weaved together by god and to learn to relax and enjoy life as it.

Will Mary overcome her past and embrace God plan?


Book Tour: DISRUPTION by Chuck Barrett

Disruption - Chuck Barrett

Disruption is an action pack book. Jake and his partner are to stop a terrorist attack that appears to be a big cyber attack. Will they be able to stop them? What does Iran want? There are several different characters in the book.


It starts out with a man being chased that has the name, Boris. There seem to be a gang of members doing the work for a man named Omar and his plan. Both Jake and Francesca are called into action to go find “the Jew” who name is Daniel.


There this Macro that is Deputy Director in Italy. He seems to be into following and tracking Francesca and Jake. For what reason you will need to read the book. There seems to be a mystery as to what going on. Why and How did Macassa Air 910 disappear or vanish?


Chuck Barrett get you interest immediately with start of the book. If you are looking for a good book or mystery This one is worth your time. Though suggest if you what my opinion I think this is good for readers that are 15 years and up. Parents I would suggest to check it for your safety for your child or children. There are a few gruesome deaths. There a bit of torture in this book as well.


Reading progress update: I've read 59 out of 224 pages.

Westobou Gold (Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series Book 2) - Hawk MacKinney

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Book Tour: Mistletoe at Moonglow by Deborah Garner

Mistletoe at Moonglow - Deborah Garner

I enjoyed the book mostly about the Christmas holiday. It is set around the holiday and cheerfulness rather than just to people. Debbie Gardner did this though the hotel staff and the Timberton townsfolk.


We meet up and learn about the hotel guest. Mist is new the first Christmas celebration and is in charge of the meals at Mistletoe at Moonglow. It a sweet loving charming story. Will the guess have a good holiday or will their sadness stay.


The owner of the hotel Betty has Mist as a helper and lets her stay there at Timberton Hotel. What will Mist have for Christmas eve meal for everyone. What will Christmas day bring for all. It is well written. I could see the love and tugging which each hotel member and staff member. I felt like I was part of the story and I was guest at the hotel.


Mist does something that get all the Hotel guest something to remember. You will be surprised what they are. They give you a tale of their story along the way.


Blog Tour: Bloodmoon by Aurora Whittet

Bloodmoon - Aurora Whittet

We get to where we are in the final parts of Ashling Boru journey. It all starts once they arrive at the Rock. What does Verci want? Ashling can tell something is up and it just a waiting game. Ashling knows they need to save the humans?


Verci thinks he will win and bet Ashling and her pack? There are more surprises and twist as the story goes on. There is a war going on. Where is Vigdis at? Will Ashing be claimed or not? Does ashling need to choose who will claim her at Carrowmore?


Ashling needs to save her guardian Baran from a family of evil wolves named the Dvergars. What will happen the Grey? There are some many things that go one and her pack helps Ashling until she can be claimed under Bloodmoon.


There is also a challenge that Ashling needs to do to find the triple Goddess, The mother, and the Crone. But for them to get save more than one person from the Realms. Will Ashling and several of her pack do that without Verci or Vigdis notice? You will need to find out how it ends.


Blog Tour: Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen - Gabriel Valjan

We get brought back to Boston. Boston got two murders that bring Binca and gang with her all but Dante. What could be up with the US Military and now another mafia member named Peterson?


We meet up with Nick Adams and some named Magician. Who is he? Loki help Binca and gang and what do they want with a drug that named Barney? We run into the mastermind LB. Who does kill LB? How is Farese involved? What will ever happen to Farese? You will need to read to find out.


Gabriel Valjan bring you once again though intense investigation. What will happen to the group and Binca? Why all the murders and what does Farese want. There a mystery of men that seem to disappear along with one or two people, Nick help Alex and Erica. What the mystery with the pill and PTSD?


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